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An instructor in the fire , mostly circular instructor called, is an instructor in the fire service in Germany , of an appropriate course according FwDV 2 has successfully completed. He should carry out the theoretical and practical training in the courses that do not take place at state fire brigade schools . The regulations described here are uniformly described throughout Germany in FwDV 2. Because the fire brigade in Germany falls within the legislative competence of the federal states , additional or different regulations may exist for specific regions.

Training to become an instructor

The trainer course comprises at least 35 teaching hours and includes the subject blocks of legal bases, basics of training and teaching design ( methodology and didactics ). The qualification as a group leader is a mandatory requirement for admission to any instructor course . In addition, depending on the subject, there may be further requirements:

  • Instructor course for troop training ; according to FwDV 2 no additional requirement, local deviations may exist; For the first aid training as part of the troop training, a corresponding rescue service qualification must also be shown,
  • Course instructor for machinists ; Additional requirement: " Equipment control " course or, alternatively, a shortened, subject-specific course to acquire the necessary specialist knowledge,
  • Training course for respiratory protective equipment wearers ; Additional requirement: " Respiratory protection device operator " course or, alternatively, a shortened, subject-specific course to acquire the necessary specialist knowledge,
  • Course instructor for radio operators ; Additional requirements: "Radiotelephone operator" course.

All trainers in the fire brigade, like all fire brigade managers , are encouraged to take part in training seminars on a regular basis.

Fire service officers as trainers in the fire service

According to FwDV 2, Paragraph 1.12, fire brigade members with a career qualification in the higher or higher fire service may work as trainers even without having completed the courses mentioned above, since leadership training and adult education are integral parts of career training . For subjects such as B. Instructors for machinists must be attended separately. Different regulations may apply depending on the federal state.

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