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Tactical sign "troop man"

Troop man is the name for a member of the fire brigade who has successfully completed at least the first part of the troop man training. In a squad , the squad man reports to the squad leader .

Troop training is the first phase of training at fire brigades . This consists of several parts: Truppmann part 1 (basic training course) with examination, Truppmann part 2 (local training over 2 years) with subsequent examination. The requirements for the course are regulated in Germany by FwDV 2.

Troop man part 1

With the troop man part 1 the basics are taught. The course participant should be enabled to take on basic activities as a troop man under supervision. It usually ends with a certificate of achievement. The course at the fire brigade in Germany lasts at least 70 hours and usually takes place at district or community level. The fire brigade service provision 2 stipulates that membership in the fire department as an admission requirement.

After passing the course, the courses radio operator (16 hours) and respiratory protection equipment wearers (35 hours, from 18 years) can be attended. These courses should be included in the squad training if the site has respiratory protection.

Troop man part 2

The Truppmann Part 2 course focuses on deepening the basics of the Truppmann Part 1. The training period at fire brigades in Germany lasts at least 80 hours in two years. The fire brigade service regulation 2 prescribes the qualification as a troop man part 1 as an entry requirement. The course can take place at district level, community level or in a network of both. Usually the training takes place during the ongoing training in the own fire department and is supplemented by seminars / modules at the district level. There are strong regional differences.

After the training there is usually a proof of performance. As a result, the squad leader course , but also specialist courses such as technical assistance , ABC deployment or machinists can be attended. The course duration is 35 hours each.

Individual evidence

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