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Referees are named in the German fire brigades fire brigade executives who are allowed to accept and evaluate performance tests and competitions in the fire brigades. In competitions, referees are also referred to as evaluators or judges . With their work they support the circle trainers .

Performance tests and competitions

Performance tests (colloquially also called performance badges or exercises) are assessed operational exercises, mostly on the basis of fire service regulation 3 , which require the most error-free process possible within a defined maximum time and serve as training within the fire service. Most performance tests have additional tasks such as equipment knowledge, knowledge of first aid or the like. They are to be expected in the field of training. A fire fighting attack or, in the area of technical assistance, an assumed traffic accident (e.g. Hessian fire brigade performance badge or performance exercises) are considered operational exercises). Youth performance tests mostly focus on the basic activities of fire service regulation 1. These include u. a. the youth flame and the Bavarian youth performance test .

Competitions (also called competitions) can have very different designs and are partly structured like performance tests. A differentiating factor from the performance tests is the simultaneous or only slightly delayed start of several groups , the maximum times of which are compared with each other and a ranking list is created. The training character of many competitions is also no longer as pronounced as in the performance tests. With more and more competitions, also in the youth field , one goes over to awarding a badge to the participating groups when a defined minimum performance or time is reached. Competitions in the adult area include the federal performance badge , the fire brigade performance clasp of Rhineland-Palatinate , the fire brigade performance clasp Saarland , the competition badge of the district fire brigade association of Upper Palatinate , all of which are carried out according to the guidelines for the traditional international fire brigade competition. Further competitions are the fire brigade performance marches and respiratory protection performance competitions (in short: respiratory protection performance competitions).

Training of referees

Operations department

Admission requirement for a referee course is a passed and completed group leader course. Further requirements may apply depending on the country. In Hesse, the referee course lasts three days, in Bavaria five days or 41 hours. The contents of the training are the fire brigade service regulations, in particular FwDV 1 and 3, the guidelines for the country-specific performance tests, structure of the inspection stations, implementation of inspections, error detection and practical assessment.

Youth department

In order to approve the performance clasp of the German Youth Fire Brigade , an authorized approval course is required, which must be repeated every two years. In Bavaria, there are also annual instructions. The authorized inspector should also have a referee training course, but is not active as an evaluator himself in an inspection, but rather has to ensure that the specified regulations are complied with. Those authorized to take delivery are also used as evaluators for the district, state and federal decisions of the federal competition of the German Youth Fire Brigade and the International Youth Competition . Here they are additionally supported by nominated state judges, who must also have completed a referee course or regular instruction similar to the person authorized to take delivery.

In order to be able to participate as an evaluator in competitions, in addition to a referee course, an instruction course for the respective competition, which is carried out by the organizing fire brigade association, is required.

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