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Einsatzhundschaft ( EH , EHU or EHu ) refers in Germany to a closed unit of a police association of the state police or the federal police .


A deployment hundred consists of around 80 to 120 law enforcement officers . Each mission hundred is divided into platoons, groups, sometimes semi-groups and squads. These organizational units have their own management hierarchy ( platoon leader , group leader and squad leader ). Each Hundertschaft is led by a Hundertschaftsführer or his representative, who are members of the higher service or higher service .


A formation of police enforcement officers, usually 20 to 35 officers, who is subordinate to a train driver, is named as a train in the riot police of the federal and state governments. The trains are usually divided into three groups of 10 police officers, which can also be deployed independently of the train formation. Each group is led by a group leader.


As a group , in closed units of the police a mostly 10 to 15 man strong sub-unit, z. B. within a train called. A platoon therefore consists of three groups, each subordinate to a group leader. The platoon leader gives instructions to the group leaders, who in turn pass them on to the team.

Half group

Half-groups are formed from a group in order to perform a different spatial and functional task than the group of origin. They are led by an auxiliary group leader / second group leader / deputy group leader or another official on behalf of the group leader.

Organizational connection

Operation hundreds are closed units at the level of both the state and federal police . As a rule, the state police officers are affiliated with the riot police . At the Federal Police, they are grouped together in the Federal Police departments. There are often several hundred groups in one location to form a department of the riot police.

Hundreds of people are deployed in large areas and to support individual police services ( patrol service ).

Special forms

Hundreds call or alarm Hundreds (AH or AHu) are gekaderte hundreds, in certain layers are alerted and officials from the National Police exist that are regularly used in the different departments. The officers are only put together for the duration of a specific situation.

In some federal states, these hundreds are also referred to as EHU, in this case as so-called individual service hundreds, which are made up of members of the individual service.

In Bavaria , individual deployment hundreds are equipped with special resources and have special training in order to be able to convincingly arrest people in violent crowds . This unit is called the Support Command (USK).

Individual evidence

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