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HTML editor
Basic data

developer Fabien Cazenave (Kazé)
Publishing year 2005 (as Nvu)
Current  version 0.7.10
(September 5, 2007)
Current preliminary version 0.8b3
(February 28, 2010)
operating system Windows , Linux , macOS , OS / 2
programming language C ++
category HTML editor
License MPL / GPL / LGPL triple license
German speaking Yes

KompoZer is free software for editing HTML pages. It is an HTML editor based on the WYSIWYG principle, whereby web pages can be created by writing the content and graphically clicking together formatting and formatting elements without having to edit the source code by hand.

He is as free software triple-licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL), the GNU General Public License (GPL) and the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) and is distributed for Linux , Windows and Mac OS X are available. The file size of version 0.8b3 is approximately 6-15 MB, depending on the operating system; a stand-alone version is available for Windows .

KompoZer emerged from the Nvu program . As with Nvu (since 2006), however, the KompoZer (since 2010) has also been further developed. The successor program initiated by the developer of the two editors Daniel Glazman is BlueGriffon , which, like this one, is both a WYSIWYG HTML editor and is based on program code from the Mozilla Foundation environment .


In addition to the WYSIWYG HTML editor, an FTP module for transferring finished pages to a web server and a special editor for CSS formatting rules are included. KompoZer can be expanded with additional program modules and themes . He cannot edit framesets .


The Gecko rendering engine of the Mozilla project is used to display the processed files as well as the user interface .


The program was originally proprietary software developed by Netscape Communications Corporation . In 1996 Netscape brought out an application suite called Netscape Communicator around the then important web browser Netscape Navigator . The so-called gold version contained an HTML editor component called Composer . With the publication of the Netscape software as free software in 1998, this software bundle was continued as the Mozilla Application Suite in the Mozilla project and the Netscape suite was maintained on the basis of the code developed there. Since then, the source code has been freely available to everyone with multiple licenses under GPL, MPL and LGPL.


The main window of Nvu

When the development concept for the Mozilla software was changed and the program package was further developed, the editor component became the independent software Nvu (pronounced "n-view" for "new view", translated: "new view"). Nvu was developed by the French company Disruptive Innovations on behalf of Linspire . The hired Netscape developer Daniel Glazman was still responsible for the editor component of the suite in the Mozilla project.

From Nvu, further developments should flow back into the Mozilla project and work was carried out on porting a standalone version of the composer to Mozilla's widget toolkit XULRunner , whereby the further development of the suite as a whole was then abandoned. So this code backflow never came about, although development of the suite was resumed under the name SeaMonkey .


After Nvu had not released any new versions since June 28, 2005 (version 1.0), the community began releasing unofficial bug fixes under the name KompoZer due to poor maintenance of Nvu. 2006 Glazman announced the official end of his development work on Nvu and announced a successor software.

Since Nvu was officially given up, but the rights to the name Nvu are still with the Linspire company, all further development is now taking place with the support of the Mozilla Foundation in the KompoZer project. The last release of KompoZer was a Beta3 version at the end of February 2010 (see below). As a development version, it is not yet intended for productive operation. B. the synchronization of templates not yet.

It is currently not clear whether and when newer versions will appear.

Version 0.7.10

Compared to Nvu, version 0.7.10 of KompoZer mainly fixes program errors and does not add anything essential to its functions.

The main features of the program are:

  • Switching between WYSIWYG, HTML tag and source code display
  • integrated FTP file manager
  • comfortable editing of tables, forms and templates (English "templates")
  • supports HTML , XML , CSS , JavaScript and template languages
  • Tabs allow multiple files or views in the same window
  • XUL -based GUI makes it possible to edit their forms
  • Integration with HTML validator software

As of November 2008, this version has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times.

Version 0.8 beta3

Version 0.8 is based on a new code base . While 0.7.x was created from a heavily modified version of Gecko 1.7, 0.8 is based on a slightly modified version of Gecko 1.8.1. Most of the Nvu-specific functions have been implemented in the Chrome area.

New functions of version 0.8:

  • Support of the W3C web standard and HTML 4.01
  • multiple views in the split program window
  • Syntax highlighting in split view
  • Editing of text files
  • new page management
  • new FTP file manager (based on FireFTP code )
  • improved PHP support on Linux
  • new UUID

Further development

The developer has stopped working on this program.


Based on the functionality of Nvu and KompoZer, Daniel Glazman developed BlueGriffon , but its code was completely rewritten. Several versions have been released since May 2011.

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