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As a composition gold (also Compositionsgold ), sheet metal , thrash metal , Franz Gold , Paris gold or fake gold leaf referred to razor thin out walztes or beaten brass or bronze , which as an inexpensive substitute for real gold leaf is used for. B. for shop windows, metal toys or book covers.

Brass with various mixing ratios is used for composite gold ; With a zinc content of around 15%, it can hardly be distinguished from real gold due to its similar color and reflection . However, the less noble copper- zinc mixture is very susceptible to corrosion , which is promoted by UV radiation and temperature fluctuations . Decorations with composite gold must therefore be protected by an oxygen-impermeable substrate and coating glaze, the self-reflection of which disturbs the appearance of gold.

Composition gold is about four times thicker than gold leaf ; This means that it is somewhat more tear-resistant and easier to handle for hobbyists, but it does not adapt well to fine ornaments and the microstructure of the surface (e.g. wood ). The patina resulting from the oxidation can be a desired artistic effect, depending on the purpose.

In the 19th century, different types of composite gold were used in different compositions e.g. B. offered under the name of a company or inventor. Examples: Heyden gold , Oeser bronze .

Today, composition gold is usually offered in handicraft shops in square booklets of 25 sheets each.


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