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The Conference of the computer science student councils , shortly KIF , the Federal Student Council meeting of the student councils of computer science in the German-speaking countries . It represents the interests of the student councils towards national institutions, such as B. political parties , the University Rectors' Conference (HRK), the Faculty Day Computer Science and the Department Day Computer Science. The first KIF took place on May 5, 1973 at the University of Dortmund and has met every semester since then, i.e. twice a year at different locations in German-speaking countries.

About the KIF


The KIF consists mainly of representatives from all IT faculties in German-speaking countries, but is also open to former students and other interested parties. Usually between 80 and 200 people take part in the KIF. The preferred designation for a participant in a KIF is KIFfel , in contrast to the stoner. In the KIF logos, however, the ambiguity is flirted with from time to time.


In addition to representing the interests of computer science students, the KIF also serves to maintain contacts between the computer science faculties. The KIF sends the three student representatives to the Computer Science Faculty Day and the two student representatives to the Computer Science Department Day. The KIF also sends members to the student accreditation pool and representatives to its general assemblies, as well as student representatives to the Forum Computer Scientists for Peace and Social Responsibility (FIfF).


At a KIF there are many working groups on various political and non-political, serious and non-serious topics. Also excursions are often offered. The core element of every KIF are the two plenums : the opening and closing plenary sessions . This is where current university policy issues relating to computer science courses and, in particular, the results of the working groups are discussed at the final plenary and, if necessary, resolutions are passed. The student representatives in the Faculty Day, Department Day, student accreditation pool and FIfF are also elected here.

Date and place

The KIF takes place every six months (once in the summer and once in the winter semester) and is organized by the IT department of the host university. The host will be determined at one of the previous conferences. The numbering is done in steps of 0.5, so that the whole number portion increases with each year. 2011 found z. B. the 39.0. KIF in early summer and the 39.5. KIF in autumn. As a result of this version numbering , informal meetings of the KIFfel outside of the official dates were numbered as quasi-KIF in the past, for example meetings on New Year's Eve as “38.9. KIF ".


Demands and resolutions of the KIF are passed by consensus in the final plenary as a resolution. The resolutions are aimed at actors in the education system and are an expression of a common position on these topics of all student councils and persons present, which is underlined by the principle of consensus. The KIF takes up current educational topics as well as subject-specific topics of computer science. A list of the resolutions is publicly available.

KIF publications (selection)

  • Chip card reader
  • Study Guide Computer Science (no longer available)

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