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The plenum (from Latin plēnum (cōnsilium) 'the whole' ; 'complete assembly' to plenus, -a, -um 'full' ; plural : plenary , plenary ) is the plenary assembly (also plenary session or plenary assembly ) of all members of one Organization .


In parliamentary democracy , the term mostly refers to the full assembly of a parliament . The place of assembly is known as the plenary hall in the parliament building. In contrast to the plenary sessions, only the respective specialist politicians of the parliamentary groups meet in the committees for in-depth consultation. The United Nations General Assembly (Engl. General Assembly ) is an Assembly of representatives of all UN member states .

As a plenum / general assembly, assemblies within independent political organizations, non-governmental organizations at an educational institution such as school , college , university ( student parliament ) are also held for the general assembly of a collectively operated company , a shared apartment ; for scientific congresses (although parallel events can also take place that are intended for all participants and for whose events no other similar events are scheduled, such as opening, closing or keynote lectures).

In the case of decision-making bodies, the plenary session is the place where all voters come together.

Another form of meeting is the delegates' conference , where the number of members is too large for a single meeting and the members are represented by mostly elected delegates according to a key . In many professional organizations, this delegates' conference (mostly abbreviated as DK) is the highest body.

In parliamentarism

With regard to the German Bundestag , the Bundesrat and the Austrian Nationalrat , the plenum is the full assembly of all members. The bills are debated. In the plenary session of the Bundestag or National Council, the government presents its plans and the opposition its counter- proposals . B. in the Bundestag a draft or a bill called up in the plenary session before it is passed as a law by the Bundestag, for example . Reports by the government or the parliamentary representatives are also occasions for debates in the plenary session.

In social projects

In residential communities housing communities and housing projects , residents meet regularly in plenary, to forge plans to exchange information to resolve conflicts and to make decisions. The plenary also has a central function in therapeutic communities, therapeutic clinics and drug therapy projects (see Therapeutic Community and Psychosomatic Clinic ). In large group therapy , work is mainly carried out in plenary sessions.

In working with groups

The plenum is a method in group work and in large group work and moderation . All participants meet together in one room, at the beginning and at the end of the event, and for important events in between as a large group or “in plenary”. In the plenum, goals are agreed, rules clarified, information shared, questions asked, wishes and needs expressed, conflicts clarified, results of the small groups presented and discussed. An essential part of the content is the regular assessment and a common view of the overall process, especially the relationships, roles, rules and group process (see group dynamics ).

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