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Debate between Eastern and Western Roman Christians 1290

A debate (from the French débattre “to strike down”) is a dispute that, in contrast to a discussion, follows formal rules and generally serves to prepare the content of a vote . The subject of a debate can be a factual or a personnel issue. The rules of the debate organizing entity or the corresponding Debattierformat at moderate competition Debate ( bating ) regulates the shape of the debate. In a debate the intercession and counter to arguments of a thesis in short speeches presented. The aim of the debate speaker is to convince the audience or, in the competition, the jury of their own arguments. Therefore, a good speaker is not only characterized by good arguments, but also by convincing rhetorical skills . A debate can only work in a good culture of argument .

Debates can take the form of a panel discussion . A long-running debate is also known as a controversy . This includes, for example, scientific controversies.

Political debate

Patriotic depiction of a debate in the US Senate in 1850
William Gladstone during a debate in the House of Commons on April 8, 1886.

Political issues are debated in political debates. Usually representatives of different parties take part. Political debates that are broadcast by the mass media, especially on television, are particularly high-profile.

Parliamentary debate

In parliamentary debates, arguments on a political issue are exchanged in parliament. In democratic states, parliamentary debates are usually public, which means that anyone is allowed to enter as a spectator. The debates are also often televised.

The rules of procedure of the German Bundestag provide for the plenary debate to be opened by the President of the Bundestag, who also calls up and closes the list of speakers, determines the order of the speakers and monitors the proper conduct of the debate. The passage of a law without prior public debate in the German Bundestag is unconstitutional . Non-public debates, on the other hand, take place in committees , for example .

In Britain it is common for the leaders of the ruling party and the opposition to appear in a debate in Parliament.

Political debates in the mass media

In addition to the parliamentary debates, many political debates take place in the mass media, far ahead of television. It is usually not the aim of the emerging politicians to arrive at an improved solution (see discourse ), but to present their own position in a publicly effective manner. The TV duels between the top candidates from the CDU / CSU and SPD have by far the most attention in Germany . These television duels are part of the media election campaign .

Politicians often appear in regular political talk shows . Examples are Sabine Christiansen , Anne Will , Hart aber fair and Maybrit Illner .

Assembly democracy

A real and lively debate takes place in the system of the community assembly or the rural community , which also enables spontaneous surprises and opinion-forming.

Debate as a competition

Debating describes the implementation of a debate as a sporting competition between speakers. It is based on parliamentary rules, which also characterizes the names of debate formats such as British Parliamentary Style . The Debating is in debating maintained and Debattierturnieren. There teams consisting of at least two speakers compete against each other in a sporty speaker competition, whereby the rules depend on the respective format. The most common formats in German-speaking countries are British Parliamentary Style and Open Parliamentary Debate . In Germany and Switzerland, for example, there is a competition especially for schoolchildren: Jugend debattiert and Jugend debattiert international .

In addition, the JCI international association also offers debating as a competition for the German Business Juniors. Within the association, the debating at the WJD federal conferences and occasionally at the JCI European conference and the JCI world congress is held in German in a championship.


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