Bill Johnston

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Bill Johnston with Suzanne Lenglen (1923)

William M. "Bill" Johnston , called "Little Bill" (born November 2, 1894 in San Francisco , California ; † May 1, 1946 ibid) was an American tennis player .


He was the best American tennis player before the big days of "Big Bill" Tilden . Although he played against Bill Tilden more often in the 1920s , he could no longer win an important game against him. Together they won the Davis Cup seven times in a row. His greatest successes in singles were winning the American championships in Forest Hills in 1919 , when he defeated Bill Tilden in the final, and winning Wimbledon in 1923. 1958 was posthumously inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame .

His game thrived on his forehand, one of the best forehand strokes of all time, until Pancho Segura revolutionized the game with his two-handed forehand in the late 1940s.

Johnston died in 1946 at the age of 51.

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