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A correction (Latin correctura - "that to be corrected" from Latin corrigere - "straighten, correct") is generally a subsequent change to an object that only affects a comparatively small part and serves as an improvement measure.

Subsequent adjustment of the distance information by pasting over the wrong numbers
Place name sign: Correct "ss" in "ß" by screwing on

When correcting texts, a distinction can be made between content changes ( editing , see editing ) and formal changes ( proofreading , see proofreader ). Corrections of errors in texts by an editor are called emendations . The entirety of the corrections to be made or made to printed matter is called a corrigendum or errata .

The correction of images is generally referred to as image processing and, in the case of simple improvements, as retouching .

Correctio is a self-correction as a linguistic tool .

Correction is also the evaluation of academic work, exams or school performance records, see exam correction .

Correction is also used in a figurative sense, for example for changes to the human body such as lifting in plastic surgery .

In the financial markets , short price drops are called corrections.

A corrective is a change (e.g. surcharge / discount in an invoice) to correct something for the better. Examples of this are medical and political measures.


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