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Pot-bellied pewter coffee pot with three feet and a tap

The Kranenkanne , also known locally as Dröppelmina ( Bergisches Land , from Dröppel for drops and Mina for Wilhelmine, the maid), Dröppelminna (Northwest Germany) or Dreckpott (in Saterland ), is a bulbous coffee pot with three feet, later with one foot, and one or more taps. It was made from a variety of materials, but the most common metal, mostly tin . To keep the coffee warm, a warmer is placed under the three-legged pot . The coffee is brewed in another container.

The crane jug probably came to northern Germany and the Bergisches Land via Holland in the 18th century. Since drinking coffee became more affordable and popular in the 19th century , the coffee pot moved more into the focus of the table setting. However, this coffee pot had one disadvantage: the coffee grounds remaining in the pot - coffee filters were still unknown - clogged the spout after the first opening, which was then opened with the help of a quill pen or similar. had to be cleaned. The coffee no longer flowed into the cup, it dripped (it "drooped"). This and its rounded shape , supposedly reminiscent of a housemaid , gave this jug the regional nickname "Dröppelminna".

After 1825, the crane jugs were gradually replaced by other jugs with a spout. Today the Dröppelmina belongs on every Bergische coffee table .

The Dröppelminna can be distinguished from the percolators , which have a coffee filter and a riser pipe inside and are the forerunners of the modern coffee maker.

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