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Roman copy based on the statue of Pericles, presumably created by Kresilas, copy from the Berlin Collection of Antiquities

Kresilas ( ancient Greek Κρησίλας ) was a Greek bronze sculptor from Kydonia . He was around 450-420 BC. Active in Delphi , Hermione and Athens .

He was active in Athens at the time of the Peloponnesian War . Among other things, he made a statue of Pericles with a Corinthian helmet on his head as an outward sign of his function as a strategist , to which the portrait busts still preserved here and there seem to go back, as well as a dying wounded man and, in competition with Pheidias and Polycletus, a wounded Amazon for Ephesus . The motif of the latter is probably preserved in the repeated repetitions of a wounded Amazon. An example is the wounded Amazon (volnarata) from the Vatican Museums in Rome ( Sosikles type ) attested to by Pliny the Elder .


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