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Karl Günther Ernst Felix Becker (born September 27, 1864 in Sondershausen , † October 23, 1928 in Leipzig ) was a German art historian .

Live and act

Felix Becker was born as the fourth son of the glazier and businessman Johann Albert Adolph Becker (1811–1891) and Johanna Wilhelmine Christiane. Kumst (1824–1888) born. He attended grammar school in Sondershausen and then studied classical philology, philosophy, classical archaeologist, history and art history at the University of Leipzig from 1886 . After completing his studies, he worked as a teacher for several years. In 1893 he began studying art history in Bonn and Leipzig, where he was assistant to August Schmarsow from 1895 to 1897 and, in 1897, with a thesis on old Dutch painting, he became Dr. phil. received his doctorate .

After long journeys he lived in Leipzig as a private scholar , where he and Ulrich Thieme began working on the General Lexicon of Fine Artists from Antiquity to the Present (“Thieme-Becker”) from 1898 and published the first four volumes until 1910 retired for health reasons.

Publications (selection)

  • Written sources on the history of old Dutch painting in chronological order according to the main masters . Sellmann & Henne, Leipzig 1897 (dissertation with curriculum vitae, digitized version ).
  • Descriptive catalog of the painting collection. Ducal Saxony Altenburg Museum . Pierer, Altenburg 1898; 2nd edition under the title: Descriptive catalog of the old original paintings. Ducal Saxony-Altenburg Museum . Bonde, Altenburg 1915 ( digitized version ).
  • with Ulrich Thieme: Artist Lexicon . In: Spemann's golden book of art . Spemann, Berlin / Stuttgart 1901, pp. 429-508 ( digitized version ).
  • Picture gallery Speck von Sternburg in Lützschena . Twietmeyer, Leipzig 1904.
  • with Ulrich Thieme (ed.): General lexicon of visual artists from antiquity to the present . Volume 1–4, Engelmann, Leipzig 1907–10.
  • Revised version of: The Renaissance in the North and the Art of the 17th and 18th Century (= Anton Springer (Hrsg.): Handbuch der Kunstgeschichte . Volume 4). 8th edition, Seemann, Leipzig 1909.
  • Medieval works of art in the collection of the German Society . (= Communications from the German Society for Research on the Patriotic Language and Antiquities in Leipzig . Volume 11, 3). Hiersemann, Leipzig 1920.
  • (Ed.): Hand drawings by old masters in private collections. 50 previously unpublished original drawings from the 15th to 18th centuries . Tauchnitz, Leipzig 1922 (English as: Fifty Drawings by old masters in private collections . Tauchnitz, Leipzig 1922).
  • (Ed.): Hand drawings by Dutch masters from the Dr. C. Hofstede de Groot in the Hague. 50 selected drawings of Rembrandt, his circle and his time in color collotype . Tauchnitz, Leipzig 1922; English as Drawings by Dutch Masters. Fifty selected drawings by Rembrandt, his circle, and contemporary artists . Tauchnitz, Leipzig 1923; 2nd volume as hand drawings by Dutch masters from the collection of Dr. C. Hofstede de Groot in the Hague. New episode. 40 selected drawings by Rembrandt, his circle and his time . Tauchnitz, Leipzig 1923.
  • Revised by Heinrich Bergner : Outline of Art History . 4th edition, Kröner, Leipzig 1923.
  • The collections of the German Society . In: Contributions to the German history of education. Festschrift for the bicentenary of the German Society in Leipzig 1727–1927 . Leipzig 1927, pp. 28-55.


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