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A private scholar is usually an academically educated person whose research is privately motivated and financed . Private scholars do not work at a university or other research institution. Your scientific results are not necessarily published , but often simply recorded in the form of private records ( notes , diary , correspondence , etc.).

Not to be confused with the private scholar is the private lecturer , a qualified scientist who teaches at a university without holding a professorship .

Reasons and characteristics

There are many possible reasons for working as a private scholar. Characteristic are:

A prerequisite for a private scholar's livelihood is financial independence or a part- time income.

state of research

Although there were scientists in ancient times who did not secure their livelihood through academic activities, it was not until the 19th century that certain researchers and thinkers were referred to as private scholars, e. B. Arthur Schopenhauer , Søren Kierkegaard , Charles Darwin and Walter Benjamin . Since then, the careers in science have changed significantly, many scientists work at scientific universities and research institutions and the prerequisites for some research areas have become very extensive, so that scientists who can come up with relevant research results without institutional support stand out in their achievements.

Due to the diverse reasons and manifestations of an activity as a private scholar, there has so far been no systematic research into the overall phenomenon. As far as researched, the investigations extend to individual cases. The research is mostly subject-related, rarely interdisciplinary .

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