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The word academic is derived from the name of the ancient Greek hero Akademos . Today it has several meanings. It usually describes teaching and research activities at universities , less often activities at academies .

In addition, an academic question is a problem whose solution has little or no practical relevance.

The various meanings of the term "academic" are shown using a few typical examples:

  1. Academic teaching - teaching by universities in the tertiary education sector (these award academic degrees ) - in contrast to vocational academies , technical schools and other schools
  2. academic research - as opposed to industrial research
  3. Academic degree - the best-known include diplomas such as engineering or business administration , Magister , Master , Bachelor or Doctorate
  4. Academic celebration - for the award of diplomas and awards, usually in the presence of the rector , his representative and high officials - for doctorates , graduation , awarding of honorary doctorates ; also: special form of a festival, for example by associations or institutions
  5. academic fraternities - associations of students and graduates
  6. Academic quarter - a quarter of an hour "delayed" the start of a course, originally intended as travel time between scattered institutes (see academic time )
  7. further special rights, duties and customs of prospective and graduated academics
  8. as academic art, rather critical in the sense of a somewhat schooled and conservative formal language
  9. academic freedom - a term that encompasses a set of freedoms and responsibilities for universities, their teachers, university administrators and students.


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