Cross test

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In the cross test ( combinatorial test ) possible combinations of components are examined. The aim is to bring together the most harmonious individual components.


  • A well-known example from the medical field is the cross test, which is used to test the compatibility of blood groups , as well as in organ donation.
  • An ophthalmologist also uses the cross-test to determine whether both eyes are in balance in patients. In order to determine a possible deviation, the right eye is offered a different image than the left eye, so that in the cross test one eye can only see the vertical part and the other the horizontal part.
  • Another field of application in the technical field is the combination of inks and papers from different manufacturers in inkjet printers, which is often covered in specialist journals. Other examples can be found in computer hardware (DVD burner X DVD blanks) or in materials research (weldability of various plastics). Sim cards can also be checked for their full functionality using a cross test.

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