The pigsty

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German title The pigsty
Original title Porcile
Country of production Italy , France
original language Italian
Publishing year 1969
length 99 minutes
Director Pier Paolo Pasolini
script Pier Paolo Pasolini
production Gianni Barcelloni Corte (part 1)
Gian Vittorio Baldi (part 2)
music Benedetto Ghiglia
camera Tonino Delli Colli
Armando Nannuzzi
Giuseppe Ruzzolini
cut Nino Baragli

The pigsty (original title: Porcile ) is a film by Pier Paolo Pasolini from 1969. The main roles were played by Pierre Clémenti and Jean-Pierre Léaud . The film did not come into regular distribution in Germany .


The film tells two stories in parallel: the first story takes place in an undefined past, in which a young man wanders through a barren volcanic landscape and becomes a cannibal there. More men join him until the group is finally arrested by soldiers and tied up and thrown to the wild animals to eat.

The second story takes place in Germany in the 1960 year and is a kind of political treatise on crimes during the Third Reich as well as the relationship between a young, socially critical set girl and a bourgeois young man who is eaten at the end of the film of pigs in a pigsty .

Pasolini on Porcile : "The simplified message of the film is this: society, every society, eats its disobedient children."


"An allegorical pamphlet about the situation of the Italian post-war youth, which is reminiscent of Buñuel in its ironically distanced shock aesthetic ."

“Pasolini has fled into a dark imagery, the consistent expression of an artist who sees himself as a seer. [...] It can be stated that there is an increasing lack of audience for such Orphic original words, although this term also includes broadest parts of the critics and the cineastes. Art is communication. For Pasolini, however, it has become a self-talk. "

- Wieland Wiegand ( FAZ , September 2, 1969)

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