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The Kristellsche Schleimpfropf (also Kristellscher Pfropf , Kristeller-Pfropf , English Mucous plug of Kristeller ) is used to seal the cervical canal . It is named after the German gynecologist Samuel Kristeller (1820–1900).


It is formed by the branched glands (glandulae cervicales) of the cervix (cervix uteri).


In the non-pregnant uterus

In the non- pregnant uterus , the mucus produced by the glandulae cervicales plays an important role in conception, in addition to sealing the uterus against germs . Under the influence of hormones, it changes its composition and thus its consistency. This can be observed clinically simply by means of a spinnability test. Mucus production increases under the influence of estrogens . The secretion becomes thinner and less viscous (spinnability increases). At the time of ovulation this has reached its maximum and with it the maximum permeability for the male semen . In the luteal phase (second half of the cycle) the secretion becomes tough again under the influence of progesterone (spinnability and sperm penetrability decrease again).

In the pregnant uterus

In the pregnant uterus, Kristell's mucus plug changes to a very tough consistency and thus protects against the dangerous rise of germs for mother and child. It is also important for the stability of the uterus so that premature birth does not occur.

During birth

With the onset of labor and the beginning of the opening of the cervix uteri (cervix), it loses its anchorage and 'goes off'. Since this is usually associated with a slight bleeding, which can be seen, this process is also described as drawing .

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