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Ulrich Stelkens (* 1967 in Cologne ) is a German legal scholar.

Stelkens studied law at the Saarland University from 1987 to 1991 . There he also studied French law; In 1989 he graduated with the Diplôme d'Etudes universitaires générales (DEUG). In 1992 and 1995 Stelkens passed his first and second state examinations, respectively. In 1997 he received his doctorate from Saarland University with a thesis on administrative liability law. jur. PhD . 2003 habilitation he just there with a thesis on the management of private law and received the right to teach for heads of state and administrative law , including European law , social law and legal computer science . He then worked from 2004 to 2007 as senior assistant at the chair for public law at Saarland University. After serving as a professor at the Free University of Berlin in the summer semester of 2006 and in the winter semester of 2006/07, Stelkens accepted a professorship for public law, in particular the law of the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer (since 2012 renamed the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer ) at the end of 2006 Multi-level relationships and norm setting theory . In 2007 he was appointed full university professor there. In 2010, Stelkens was offered a professorship for Droit constitutionnel et administratif at the Université du Luxembourg , which he refused. In 2011 his chair at the University of Speyer was rededicated to a chair for public law, in particular German and European administrative law .

In 2007, Stelkens and Klaus Grupp were awarded the VISU “New Media in Teaching” award for the Saarheim cases on constitutional and administrative law that arose during his time at Saarland University . His main research areas are listed on the website of his chair: General administrative law and administrative procedural law, European administrative law (including administrative law of the Council of Europe), state liability law, law of municipal infrastructures, procurement law, public commercial law and subsidy law, cemetery and funeral law, telecommunications law.

Since 2016 Stelkens has been head of the "European Administrative Area " program area at the German Research Institute for Public Administration in Speyer .

Work (selection)

  • Administrative liability law. Liability for damages between the federal government, federal states, municipalities, social insurance carriers and other legal entities under public law , Berlin 1998, plus diss., Univ. des Saarlandes 1997. ISBN 3-428-09451-4
  • Administrative private law. On the private law binding of the administration, their scope and consequences , Berlin 2005, plus Habil.-Schrift, Univ. des Saarlandes 2003. ISBN 3-428-11860-X

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