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Kurt Genieser (born March 9, 1909 in Liegnitz ; † October 13, 1970 ) was a German geologist.


After graduating from high school in Liegnitz, Genieser studied geology and mineralogy in Berlin, Tübingen and Graz from 1929 with his doctorate under Friedrich Solger in 1934 (studies on the diluvial history of the Bober-Katzbach mountains and its rivers, published in Liegnitz 1936). He passed the first state examination as a geologist and was a scientific assistant at the preparatory work office for the regulation of water management on the Upper Spree and a scientific employee at the German Association of Gas and Water Experts in Berlin, before he began training at the Prussian Geological State Institute (PGLA) in 1938 started. He mapped in Saarland and Northern Germany and passed the 2nd state examination, whereupon he was appointed district geologist. He was a military geologist during World War II and spent five years as a prisoner of war, which led to serious health problems (he died of liver disease in 1970). After the war he was at the State Geological Institute in East Berlin, where, as head of the collections, he was able to have them returned from Leningrad. Mainly he dealt with river history of the Elbe and Quaternary geology. In 1959 he fled to the West (he was suspected of sabotage in the GDR) and worked at the Lower Saxony State Office for Soil Research in Hanover, where he headed the Bremen branch from 1966.

At the state office he dealt with river history, brown coal in Greece and hydrogeology in Aurich and Oldenburg. Most recently, he examined the find situation of the Bremen cog .


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