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The M7 Light Vehicle Obscuration Smoke System is a smoke grenade launcher in use by the United States Army , which can be attached to the outside of a wide variety of vehicles . It is a defensive system whose job it is to fool the laser target acquisition . The smoke is effective against laser light in the visible spectrum to infrared lasers .

The LVOSS is made of light materials and can be attached in a variety of ways, even to light vehicles. At the push of a button, the operator of the system can choose the direction from which the danger threatens in order to conceal this side of the vehicle. In contrast to the smoke grenades used previously, the smoke grenades used produce only slightly toxic smoke, which minimizes health hazards for vehicle occupants and nearby soldiers.

The system was certified for troop use in 1997 and production began in the 1998 budget year .


All not fatal or not intended to kill.

  • M7, basic version with launcher, smoke grenades
  • M304, version for mounting on the turret of an armored vehicle (contains 1 × M7)
  • M305, version for mounting on the roof of a vehicle (contains 4 × M7)
  • M310, version for mounting on the roof of an armored HMMWV (Hummer) (contains 4xM7)
  • XL96X1, civil unrest tear gas cannon
  • XL97E1, exercise device
  • XM98, diversion grenades
  • XM99, bang stun grenades
  • M90, smoke grenade