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Laboratory assistant EFZ paint and varnish is a job description in Switzerland . The training was offered for the first time in 2008. While the employees in the paint and varnish industry previously came from other departments and had to be retrained, they now have the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge during their apprenticeship. In this way, companies in the paint and coatings industry train their future employees as required and can specifically influence the level of knowledge required.


The training to become an EFZ paint and lacquer laboratory technician takes 3 years and is offered by around 20 companies. In addition to the fields of chemistry, biology and textiles, the field of paint and varnish is part of the basic training to become an EFZ laboratory assistant. All subjects in this professional field are subject to a common educational ordinance and a common educational plan .

Based on the educational plan, the following subjects are taught at the vocational school:

Basic knowledge (the same for all subject areas Laboratory EFZ):

• Scientific basics (chemistry, biology) 200 lessons
• Mathematics 1 (including computer science) 120 lessons
• Laboratory methodology 1 (physics, laboratory methods, safety) 80 lessons
• English (basic knowledge) 80 lessons
  480 lessons

Subject-specific lessons (for the field of paint and varnish):

• Expertise (raw materials and coatings) 280 lessons
• Mathematics 2 (technical arithmetic) 80 lessons
• Laboratory methodology 2 (application and test methods for coatings) 120 lessons
• English (technical English) 120 lessons
  600 lessons

The practical application is learned in the daily work in the training companies and deepened in inter-company courses organized by the cantonal course committee and the Association of the Swiss Paint and Paint Industry .

The three inter-company courses cover a total of 42 days:

  • Inter-company course 1: 19 course days, laboratory basics
  • Inter-company course 2: 15 course days, subject-specific to paints and varnishes
  • Inter-company course 3: 8 course days, project work in the teaching company


Laboratory technicians EFZ paint and varnish are mainly active in companies in the paint, varnish and printing ink industry. They are mainly employed in the following areas:

  • Development: formulation and improvement of coating materials
  • Analytics: Analyze and test the properties of raw materials and products
  • Quality control: Check the quality of the coating materials and correct errors
  • Application technology: Implementation of realistic experiments and practical tests

Paint laboratory technicians must know the properties of the various components for the development and improvement of products and also the typical characters of different substrates, such as B. wood, metal, plastic, masonry and paper, know and take into account in their work.

Development opportunities

Anyone who has successfully completed their apprenticeship as an EFZ laboratory technician specializing in paint and varnish has various options for advancement and further training. This includes:

  • Higher technical examination than dipl. Scientific laboratory technician (HF)
  • Further training to become a paint technician
  • Studied at a university of applied sciences as a chemical engineer paint-lacquer-environment BSc FH
  • Promotion to higher-level functions (e.g. laboratory manager, development manager)

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