Oldehave Protected Landscape Area

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Oldehave Protected Landscape Area

IUCN Category V - Protected Landscape / Seascape

The museum mill near Bagband is part of the landscape protection area

The museum mill near Bagband is part of the landscape protection area

location Lower Saxony , Germany
surface 7.41 km²
WDPA ID 323494
Geographical location 53 ° 21 '  N , 7 ° 37'  E Coordinates: 53 ° 20 '37 "  N , 7 ° 36' 31"  E
Oldehave landscape protection area (Lower Saxony)
Oldehave Protected Landscape Area
Setup date 1975

The Oldehave landscape protection area is a landscape protection area in the Aurich district of Lower Saxony . It bears the number LSG AUR 00013 and lies entirely in the area of ​​the community of Großefehn .

Description of the area

The landscape protection area, designated in 1975, covers an area of ​​7.41 square kilometers and is bordered by the streets Auricher Landstraße ( B 436 ), ( B 72 ), Voerstadt ( B 436 ), Mühlenstraße (K133) and Fiebinger Straße (K 107).

According to the district of Aurich, the valley with the winding course of the Bagbander low provides a "reference to the history of the landscape."

Protection purpose

The general protection purpose is the "preservation and development of an attractive cultural landscape with small parceled areas, hedgerows and unpaved sand paths."

Individual evidence

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