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Lesum pharmacy

The Alte Lesumer Apotheke is located in Bremen , Burglesum district, Lesum district, Hindenburgstrasse 77. The house was built until 1845. It has been a listed building in Bremen since 1982 .


The single-storey, plastered building with a gable roof was built in 1845 in the era of late classicism as a residential and commercial building for the pharmacist Carl Penz. Both gable walls were provided with a glazed veranda. Only the south-eastern veranda has been preserved. In 1976 thick glass mosaics by the Bremen artist Heinz Lilienthal were installed inside . Glass and wood characterize the interior of the building with ceiling paintings and fine wallpaper.

In 1979 the pharmacy moved to a neighboring new building and the house was empty for many years. Due to the increasing deterioration caused by the vacancy, the Burglesum advisory board in 1986 demanded that the monument protection of the house be lifted and it himself agreed to its demolition. It was not until 1992–1993 that the building was renovated and prepared for a surgical practice. In 2015 the surgical practice moved to the Lesum health center .

Today (2019) the renovated building is used as the office of the personnel service provider Pensum .


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Coordinates: 53 ° 10 '12.9 "  N , 8 ° 41' 14.3"  E