Li Contes del Graal

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Departure of Perceval, manuscript from Montpellier
Roman de Perceval , 1932

Perceval, the Story of the Grail ou Le roman de Perceval  ( Old French and today also: Le Conte du Graal ...; German: The Story of the Grail or the novel by Parzifal  ) of de Troyes Chrétien is the last French narrative verse of Artusepik , built around the Year 1190 and remained unfinished.

The story of Perceval (= piercer of the valley) is Chrétien's fifth and last Arthurian novel. It is dedicated to Chrétien's patron, the crusader Count Philip of Alsace . The attempt to further combine chivalry with Christian leitmotifs remained unfinished. The fragment shows a very dumb Perceval, but blessed with all knightly powers, a Welsh junker who, guided by a simple disposition and simple motives, achieved fame and honor solely through God's providence and becomes the strongest and most heroic of the knights of the Round Table . However, he makes a serious mistake, which is why he is threatened with an unhappy life: As a guest at the wounded Fisher King, he neglects to ask him about the cause of his suffering or about a bleeding lance and the Grail , because he did not know that with this question he could have healed and redeemed the fisherman king. Wolfram von Eschenbach took up the story about 20 years later in his Parzival .

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