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The delivery service ( english customer service ) is the supplier evaluation of Delivery - service . Colloquially, this is often understood to mean the delivery service , which consists of the short-term delivery of take-away food, for example (for example the pizza service ).


The delivery service is characterized by the components delivery time , readiness for delivery and delivery reliability . Sometimes delivery flexibility is also viewed as part of the delivery service. The delivery service is the result of sales logistics and can be measured with the service level.

Elements of delivery service


The business key figure delivery service describes the fulfillment of customer requirements for a delivery. The quality and nature of the delivery service can be determined using the following key figures:

delivery time
The delivery time describes the time between the transfer of an order from the customer to the supplier and the arrival of the ordered goods at the customer.
Delivery reliability
indicates whether the promised delivery date can be met. In addition to adherence to deadlines, i.e. the correspondence between the customer's requested date and the actual delivery date, delivery reliability also contains a statement on the degree of availability of a distribution system . It expresses the probability with which an order or a customer order can be fulfilled from stock .
Delivery quality
this includes the condition of the delivery and the delivery accuracy, i.e. the accuracy with regard to the type and quantity of the items ordered in a delivery.
Delivery flexibility
The flexibility of a distribution system depends on the specified order and delivery modalities, on the exchange of information and - in business-to-business - on the compatibility of the contractual partners' logistics systems .

These metrics are often under the terms delivery service, delivery reliability , service level or "perfect order fulfillment" ( English perfect order fulfillment combined). In supply chain management also the code is difot (VRL or English ECE or DIFOT ) established for the measurement of the delivery service.

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