Lili von Braunbehrens

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Lili von Braunbehrens (born September 11, 1894 in Berlin-Charlottenburg , † October 16, 1982 in Bad Nauheim ) was a German poet .


Braunbehrens was the daughter of a Prussian officer and from childhood almost blind. During the First World War, the family lived in Frankfurt am Main, where Braunbehrens studied singing. Her father helped the painter Max Beckmann , who was convalescing in Frankfurt after a nervous breakdown, with his discharge from the army, and Beckmann made friends with the officer's daughter, who was then 20 years old.

At his urging, the Munich publisher Piper published a volume with 20 of her poems, to which Beckmann contributed seven lithographs .


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  • Figures and poems around Max Beckmann. Crüwell-Schropp, Dortmund 1969.
  • If the moon has betrayed you, take a handful of stars. Poems 1967 - 1970. With an afterword by Heinz Vahlbruch. Collispress, Stuttgart 1978, ISBN 3-87189-017-0 .


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