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Linda Lê

Linda Lê (* 1963 in ạà Lạt , Vietnam ) is a Vietnamese-French writer.


Her father was an engineer from North Vietnam and her mother came from a wealthy Vietnamese family with French citizenship. Linda Lê spends her childhood in Đà Lạt. In 1969 the family flees to Saigon from the North Vietnamese troops . Linda Lê describes the traumatic experience in the short text "Les pieds nus" ("The bare feet"). Linda Lê attends the French Lycée in Saigon and is enthusiastic about Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac . In 1977 she emigrated to France with her mother, three sisters and grandmother. The father, who cannot speak French, stays in Saigon. At the grammar school in Le Havre , Linda Lê gets to know the work of Marcel Proust . In 1981 she moved to the Lycée Henri IV in Paris and then studied at the Sorbonne . Today she lives in Paris.

Linda Lê's first novel, “Un si tendre vampire”, appeared in 1987. “Fuir” in 1988 and “Solo” (1989), a collection of short stories, followed soon after. All three books were published by Table Ronde, but were later deleted from her official bibliography by herself. Linda Lê moves to the Christian Bourgois publishing house, to which she has remained loyal for many years.

She also works as a literary critic and writes forewords for the Hachette publishing house, which are later collected under the title “Tu écriras sur le bonheur” (1999). An anthology with literary reviews will appear in 2009: “Au fond de l'inconnu pour trouver du nouveau”.

In 1995 Linda Lê's father died in Vietnam. Linda Lê is traveling to his funeral for the first time since emigrating to Vietnam. The abandoned and lonely father is a recurring figure in Linda Lê's work, especially in the trilogy "Les Trois parques" (1997), "Voix" (1998), a disturbing polyphonic work preceded by a mental breakdown, and " Lettre morte ”(1999).


  • 1990 Prix de la Vocation
  • 1993 Prix Renaissance for "Les Évangiles de Crime"
  • 1997 Prix Fénélon for "Les trois Parques"
  • 2010 Prix Wepler for "Cronos"
  • 2010 Cioran grant
  • 2011 Prix Renaudot Poche for "À l'enfant que je n'aurai pas"


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  • Calomnies, 1993, éditions Christian Bourgois
  • Les Dits d'un idiot, 1995, éditions Christian Bourgois, reissued in 2011 in the “Titres” series;
    • Irre Reden , trans. Brigitte Große, Ammann Verlag 1998
  • Les Trois Parques, 1997, éditions Christian Bourgois, reissued in 2011 in the "Titres" series
    • Die Drei Parzen , transl. Brigitte Große, Ammann Verlag 2002
  • Voix, 1998, éditions Christian Bourgois
  • Lettre morte, 1999, éditions Christian Bourgois, reissued in 2011 in the "Titres" series
    • Dead letter , translator Brigitte Große, Ammann Verlag 2005
  • Tu écriras sur le bonheur, 1999, éditions Christian Bourgois, Titres
  • Les Aubes, 2000, éditions Christian Bourgois
  • Autres jeux avec le feu, 2002, éditions Christian Bourgois
  • Marina Tsvetaieva, ça va la vie ?, 2002, éditions Jean-Michel Place
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  • Kriss suivi de L'homme de Porlock, 2004, éditions Christian Bourgois
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  • A l'enfant que je n'aurai pas, 2011, éditions NiL, collection Les Affranchis.
  • Lame de fond, éditions Christian Bourgois, Paris 2012, ISBN 978-2-267023800 .

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