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An example of lineart
Manga style lineart

As lineart , line art or line art ( English for "line graphics", "drawing" or literally: "line art") in cartoon , comic and manga art is a completely inked drawing that is not (or not yet) colored .

Linearts are a special form of graphics , illustration or drawing that consist exclusively of lines and do not contain any colored ("colored") areas.

In the comic -Kunst the term Line is mostly used to unkolorierte but otherwise fully inked drawing in the artistic process from the previous pencil - sketch to distinguish and the subsequent colored drawing.

Although the term lineart is rarely used in other art genres, most monochrome tattoos , as well as the preprinted drawings in children's coloring books, are other examples of linearts.

In chat and microblogging , lineart stands for ASCII art that only comprises one line.

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