List of Ambassadors of the Republic of China to the Holy See

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The list of ambassadors of the Republic of China to the Holy See provides an overview of the heads of the diplomatic mission of the Republic of China (until 1949) or of the Republic of China (since 1949) to the Holy See since the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Term of office Surname annotation
1943-1946 Chéou Kang Sié representative
1947-1949 Giovanni Wu Ching-Hsiung representative
1949-1954 Yin Tchou Chargé d'affaires
1954-1966 Chéou-Kang Sié Commissioner, from 1959 ambassador
1966-1969 Shen Chang-Huan ambassador
1969-1988 Chen Chin-Mai ambassador
1978-1991 Chow Shu-kai ambassador
1991-1993 Hoang Sieou-je ambassador
1993-1996 Edward Wu Tsu-yu ambassador
1996-2004 Raymond RM Tai ambassador
2004-2008 Tou Chou-seng ambassador
2008-2015 Larry Yu-yuan Wang ambassador
2015-2016 Liao Chih-hsien Chargé d'affaires
2016- Lee Matthew Shieh-Ming ambassador

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