List of cultural monuments in Wasenberg (Willingshausen)

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The following list contains the cultural monuments identified in the monument topography in the area of ​​the Wasenberg district of the city of Willingshausen , Schwalm-Eder-Kreis , Hesse .

Note: The order of the monuments in this list is based on the address; alternatively, it can also be sorted by name or construction time.

The basis is the publication of the Hessian list of monuments, which was created for the first time on the basis of the Monument Protection Act of September 5, 1986 and has been continuously updated since then.


image designation location description construction time Data
Wasenberg complete facility Wasenberg
Residential business building Am alten Pflaster 2 Wasenberg, Am alten Pflaster 2
Ellerhaus Am Berg 4 Wasenberg, Am Berg 4
Courtyard facility at the fire station 2 Wasenberg, at the fire station 2
Ernhaus Am fire station 3 Wasenberg, Am Feuerwehrhaus 3
Residential building Am Tanzplatz 4 Wasenberg, Am Tanzplatz 4
Ernhaus Backgasse 1 Wasenberg, Backgasse 1
Half-timbered house Backgasse 4 Wasenberg, Backgasse 4
Backgasse 12 courtyard Wasenberg, Backgasse 12
Ernhaus Enggasse 2 Wasenberg, Enggasse 2
House Friedhofstrasse 2 Wasenberg, Friedhofstrasse 2
Ernhaus Friedhofstrasse 4 Wasenberg, Friedhofstrasse 4
Residential building Hauptstrasse 6 Wasenberg, Hauptstrasse 6
Residential building Hauptstrasse 7 Wasenberg, Hauptstrasse 7
Residential building Hauptstrasse 9 Wasenberg, Hauptstrasse 9
Residential building Hauptstrasse 10 Wasenberg, Hauptstrasse 10
Ernhaus Hauptstrasse 12 Wasenberg, Hauptstrasse 12
Hofanlage Hauptstrasse 15 Wasenberg, Hauptstrasse 15
Ernhaus Hauptstrasse 17 Wasenberg, Hauptstrasse 17
Residential business building Hauptstrasse 19 Wasenberg, Hauptstrasse 19
Residential building Hauptstrasse 20 Wasenberg, Hauptstrasse 20
Ernhaus Hauptstrasse 21 Wasenberg, Hauptstrasse 21
Bakehouse Wasenberg, Hauptstrasse 22
Residential building Hauptstrasse 23 Wasenberg, Hauptstrasse 23
Double house in Gasse 1 and 3 Wasenberg, In Gasse 1 and 3
Ernhaus Kirchstrasse 1 Wasenberg, Kirchstrasse 1
Harvest House Kirchstrasse 2 Wasenberg, Kirchstrasse 2
Evangelical parish church Wasenberg, Kirchstrasse 3
Ernhaus Kirchstrasse 5 Wasenberg, Kirchstrasse 5
Hofanlage Kirchstrasse 7 Wasenberg, Kirchstrasse 7
Harvest House Kirchstrasse 8 Wasenberg, Kirchstrasse 8
Residential building Kirchstrasse 9 Wasenberg, Kirchstrasse 9
Ernhaus Kirchstrasse 15 Wasenberg, Kirchstrasse 15
Barn Lauterbachstrasse 2 Wasenberg, Lauterbachstrasse 2
House Lauterbacher Strasse 4 Wasenberg, Lauterbacher Strasse 4
Residential building Lauterbacher Strasse 8 Wasenberg, Lauterbacher Strasse 8
Courtyard complex at Marburger Strasse 16 Wasenberg, Marburger Strasse 16
Hall building Schreinergasse 3 Wasenberg, Schreinergasse 3
Residential building Schreinergasse 4 Wasenberg, Schreinergasse 4
Residential building Treysaer Strasse 11 Wasenberg, Treysaer Strasse 11
Residential building Zu den Auewiesen 1 Wasenberg, Zu den Auewiesen 1
Residential house Zu den Auewiesen 2 Wasenberg, To the Auewiesen 2
Residential house Zu den Auewiesen Wasenberg, To the meadows
Main building of a courtyard at Zum Rohnstrauch 2 Wasenberg, Zum Rohnstrauch 2
Schatteröder fountain Wasenberg, Schatteröder Weg Pasture fountain on Schatteröder Weg