List of cultural assets in La Tour-de-Peilz

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The list of cultural assets in La Tour-de-Peilz contains all objects in the municipality of La Tour-de-Peilz in the canton of Vaud that are subject to the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict , the federal law of June 20, 2014 on protection the cultural property in the event of armed conflict and the ordinance of October 29, 2014 on the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict are protected.

Objects in categories A and B are completely included in the list, objects in category C are currently missing (as of January 1, 2018).

Cultural assets

photo   object Cat. Type Location description
Villa Kenwin
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Villa Kenwin
KGS-No .: 6502
A. G Chemin du Vallon 19
556 936  /  144117

Castle and fortress wall
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Castle and fortress wall
KGS no .: 6499
B. G Rue du Château 11
555139  /  144758

BW Upload file Château de la Becque with Marstall
KGS-No .: 6504
B. G Route de Saint-Maurice 74
555600  /  144360

Swiss game museum
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Swiss Game Museum
KGS-No .: 10680
B. S. Rue du Château 11
555136  /  144769

BW Upload file Résidence Rive-Reine with extension
KGS-No .: 14615
B. G Route de Saint-Maurice 54
555503  /  144417

BW Upload file Bellaria
Housing Development KGS-No .: 14617
B. G Avenue de Sully 82 to 136
556099  /  144550

BW Upload file Villa Ma Maison with park and outbuildings
KGS-No .: 14618
B. G Route de Saint-Maurice 178
five hundred fifty-six thousand one hundred fifty-nine  /  144290

BW Upload file Reformed Church of Saint-Théodule
KGS-No .: 14619
B. G Place du Temple
five hundred fifty-five thousand three hundred and thirteen  /  144858

BW Upload file La Doges Manor
KGS-No .: 14620
B. G Chemin des Bulesses 154
five hundred fifty-six thousand six hundred forty-seven  /  145174

BW Upload file Manor house La Faraz with park
KGS-No .: 14621
B. G Chemin des Vignes 46
556 273  /  144975

BW Upload file Château de Sully
KGS-No .: 14622
B. G Route de Chailly 144
556,725  /  144390


The table contains the following information:

KGS-No: Number of the cultural property , to be found in the KGS lists of the federal government and the cantons . KGS is the acronym for K ultur G üter s chutz
Photo: Photography of the cultural property. Click the photo generates an enlarged view. There are also two symbols:
More pictures on Wikimedia CommonsMore pictures of the object can be found here on Wikimedia Commons .
Upload your own workA link to upload a new image. Certain parameters are already filled in.
Object: Name of the object. In individual cases, a more generally known name can also be given.
Kat: Category of cultural property: A = national importance; B = regional / cantonal importance; C = local meaning
Type: Type of cultural property: G = building or other construction object; S = collection (archives, libraries, museums); F = archaeological site; K = small cultural object (e.g. fountain, wayside crosses, monuments); X = special case
Address: Street and house number of the cultural property (if known), possibly place / district
Coordinates: Location of the cultural property according to the Swiss national coordinates (CH1903).

The content of the table is sorted in descending order according to the cultural property category and within this alphabetically.

By clicking on «Map with all coordinates» (top right in the article), the location of all cultural assets in the selected map object is displayed.

Web links

Commons : La Tour-de-Peilz  - Collection of images, videos and audio files
  • A – Objects VD 2018 . Swiss inventory of cultural assets of national importance. In: / Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP - Department of Cultural Property Protection, January 1, 2018, accessed on December 26, 2017 (PDF; 166 kB, 35 pages, updated annually, the changes for 2018 are marked in blue).
  • B objects VD 2018 . Canton de Vaud Inventaire PBC, objets B, état: 1.1.2018 (pas de changements pour 2018) / Kanton Waadt KGS inventory, B objects, status: 1.1.2018 (no changes for 2018). In: / Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP - Department of Cultural Property Protection, January 1, 2018, accessed on December 31, 2017 (PDF; 455 kB, 16 pages, updated annually, no changes for 2018).

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