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The list price is in a list of listed price for a product or service .


In retail or wholesale with several products in the range , but also in service companies with several services, the buyer can only get an overview if the products or services are summarized in a price list or catalog. The list price is accordingly the price listed in a price list for a product or service. The list prices listed there are to be understood as fixed prices that remain valid until a new price list is published. The list price serves as the basis for price calculation ; the individually agreed discounts , bonuses or discounts are to be deducted from it . They are a discount on the list price.

Legal issues

In terms of competition law , the term list price can represent misleading advertising for the consumer ( Section 5 (1) No. 2 UWG ), because it can be understood as the retailer's own fixed price , a recommended retail price or a target price . A motor vehicle dealer's reference to the manufacturer's list price is misleading because it does not clearly state that this price is not binding for the dealer.

List prices on price lists, menus or catalogs are not a binding offer in the legal sense, but represent an invitation to submit an offer . Therefore, incorrect catalog information can be corrected by the declarations of intent made when the contract is concluded, in particular the correction of (incorrect) list prices is permitted.

According to § 5 PAngV , the provider of services has to set up a price list with the prices for his essential services, which is to be displayed in the business premises , in the shop window or as a screen display . There are special regulations for price lists for restaurants and hotels ( Section 7 PAngV) as well as for petrol stations and parking spaces ( Section 8 PAngV).

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