from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is a website for the promotion of translations of contemporary German literature into other languages ​​- supported by the Federal Cultural Foundation and the Goethe Institute .

The project was founded in July 2003 on the initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation - in particular the writer Monika Maron , member of the Foundation Council, had advocated it - and started work in January 2004 at the Cairo Book Fair . It is also supported by the Frankfurt Book Fair .

Thirty new German publications are selected by an expert jury each year. A special feature of the project is that reading samples in the German original as well as translated into English and other foreign languages ​​are offered for free download for each book. These other languages ​​are Arabic (since 2004) and Chinese (since 2005). The authors presented so far include Uwe Timm , Feridun Zaimoğlu , Christa Wolf , Friedrich Christian Delius , Navid Kermani and Georg Klein .

In addition, the translation of individual titles is funded with up to 6000 euros.'s target group is foreign publishers worldwide as well as translators, editors, literary agencies and of course readers. The project leader is Anne-Bitt Gerecke.

There are also other projects with the same objective; For example, the magazine nbg ("New Books in German"), which was founded in 1996, is also publicly funded and appears twice a year, but which is aimed specifically at British and American publishers and literary agents.

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