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Loris Malaguzzi , (born February 23, 1920 in Correggio ; † January 30, 1994 ibid) was an Italian educator . He was also one of the founders of Reggio pedagogy and made it world famous. He worked as the head of a kindergarten in Reggio Emilia.

After attending grammar school and completing a degree in pedagogy, he first worked as a primary school teacher and founded a “Volkskindergarten” in 1945, in which dialogue and communication between children were the main focus. He wanted to bring together what was otherwise separate in kindergarten: the child, his family and the child's environment.

In 1960 Loris Malaguzzi opened a center for disabled children. At that time he also advised the communal crèches and kindergartens in Reggio Emilia, and from 1970 to 1985 he was the coordinator of early childhood education .

Organizations of congresses, training courses and magazines like “Bambini” shaped his commitment. In 1980 Malaguzzi founded the National Association of Crèches and Kindergartens and initiated the exhibitions "When the Eye Jumps Over the Wall" and "The Hundred Languages ​​of Children", which made Reggio pedagogy an international success and an award from the US magazine "News Week “For the best preschool facility in the world.

The “Reggio Children” foundation was set up in 1994 to further expand international cooperation.

Loris Malaguzzi described himself as a "childhood provocateur", quote:

Provocateurs disturb the calm of the citizens, they want to stir up and show failures. Children can disturb us with their problems, but above all with their skills and their poetry.

He wanted the upbringing of children to be understood as a common task of the city and its residents; The decisive factor is a humanistic image of man and a democratic conception of society. Malaguzzi's goal was that children should be treated with respect and that they could set up their own rights, and that they would also realize them themselves.


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