Louis K. Meisel

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Louis K. Meisel is an art gallery in New York . It is located at 141 Prince Street , NWC 10012, and was founded in the 1970s by Louis K. Meisel and Susan P. Meisel. The gallery is one of the major commercial promoters of the photorealism and hyperrealism styles . In 1980 it published the largest catalog of works on photorealism in the 1970s, which was repeated in 1993 with photorealism works from the 1980s and in 2000 with a further updated edition.


  • 1980. Texts by Harry N. Abrams, with 1,200 illustrations
  • 1993. Texts by Harry N. Abrams, with 1,100 illustrations
  • 2000. Texts by Harry N. Abrams, with 650 illustrations