Mémorial de la Shoah

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Mémorial de la Shoah
Detail of the Wall of Names
place Paris, France
Museum / memorial
opening 2005

The Mémorial de la Shoah (French also Center de documentation juive contemporaine , CDJC, German Shoah memorial ) is the central memorial to the Holocaust in France . The focus is on the persecution of Jews in occupied France and in the area of ​​the Vichy regime from 1940–1944. The Mémorial de la Shoah is also a museum with various opportunities to find out about the history of the Jews in France and Europe and the French resistance to the so-called “ Final Solution to the Jewish Question ”. The museum was established in January 2005 at the Maraisopened in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, very close to the town hall .

Important components

Mur des Noms

The important components of the memorial are

  • Le parvis (The Court)
  • Le fronton (the memorial wall)
  • the wall of names ( mur des Noms )
  • the index card room ( fichier juif )
  • the wall with the names of the Righteous Among the Nations from France
  • the crypt
  • the library (with various research options)

Inscription on the memorial wall

Justin Godart
Devant le Martyr Juif Inconnu
incline ton respect
ta piété pour tous les martyrs,
chemine en pensée avec eux
le long de leur voie douloureuse,
elle te conduira au plus skin sommet
de justice et de vérité.

(by: Justin Godart (1871–1956), former minister, honorary chairman of the Comité du Martyr Juif Inconnu )

Translation: "Show your respect for the unknown Jewish martyr, your reverence for all martyrs, accompany them in your thoughts on their long journey of suffering, he will lead you to the highest peak of justice and truth."

Predecessor institutions

On April 28, 1943 gathered Isaac Schneersohn in an apartment in the Rue Bizanet in Grenoble in the ground 40 Active and managers of the various Jewish communities and founded the Center de Documentation Juive Contemporaine .

Partner of the center

Partners ( Les associations abritées au Mémorial ) are:

  • Les Enfants Cachés (formerly hidden children in France)
  • Mémoire juive de Paris
  • Mémoires du convoi 6
  • Conseil National pour la Mémoire des Enfants Juifs Déportés (Comejd)

Other Holocaust memorial and research centers


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