Mühlenhof musicians

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Mühlenhof musicians
Seat: Ammerland / Germany
Founding: 1979
Genus: Women's and girls' choir
Founder: Annelie Kuhlmann
Head : Helma Hollander
Voices : 30 ( SSAA )

The Mühlenhof Musikanten are a women and girls choir from the Lower Saxony Ammerland . Her repertoire is predominantly North German folk songs as well as folk music , mostly in Low German .


The choir was founded in 1979 by Annelie Kuhlmann (born July 18 in Westerstede) in Westerloy / Ammerland. The group got its name from an old farm in their hometown. At first there were only six women. Over the years, more and more women and young girls have joined, so that the choir now has over 30 members. In 2001 Helma Hollander took over the direction of the choir.

In 1989 they took part with several songs in the competition Songs as beautiful as the north . At that time the competition was not yet televised. However, the breakthrough came for the musicians with their participation in the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1991 . Your title Dat even in a hundred Johren was ranked sixth Four years later they reached with the song Oh can 'man but a Rembrandt to be the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1995 to 13th place and in 1999 with the bread of the earth the 11th Place. The song If everyone were an angel , however, could not reach the final of the 2001 Grand Prix of Folk Music .

Once again, the group was successful in the songs as beautiful as the north competition in 1991 . With the song Luster mal mien Kind they were able to bring home the trophy. The choir is a regular guest in numerous television programs, such as the superhit parade of folk music.

The sole lyricist and composer of the Mühlenhof Musikanten was Hans Hee until his death in 2009 .


Success title

  • On the coast of de Waterkant 1990
  • Dat in a hundred years 1991
  • Have fun with my child 1991
  • Many beautiful wise men once drew (folk song medley) in 1992
  • This world is our world 1992
  • At home in a beautiful world 1994
  • Oh, you could be a Rembrandt 1995
  • Dreams have golden wings 1995
  • The bread of the earth 1999
  • If everyone were an angel 2001
  • The world is beautiful 2009



  • On the coast. 1990
  • Merry Christmas 1991
  • This world is our world 1992
  • Paradise is everywhere 1993
  • Dreams have golden wings 1995
  • Let the sun in your heart 1996
  • Flying with the Sunshine 1996
  • Thank you, dear life 1997
  • The miracle of love 1999
  • There is still love in 2002
  • A little piece of happiness in 2003
  • The 2004 golden hit parade of folk music
  • No roses without thorns 2005