Maître des requêtes

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Maîtres des requêtes (French) or requete masters were councilors in the French Council of State, alongside the actual members ( ministers and councils of state ).

The Maîtres des requêtes , 24 under the law of May 24, 1872, were appointed by the President of the French Republic ; they had to be at least 27 years old. In the Conseil d'État they processed less important inputs and, insofar as they were speakers, had a decisive, but otherwise, like the auditors assigned to the Conseil , only an advisory vote. In administrative disputes and conflicts of jurisdiction, such an official represented the government's position as an attorney for the state.

The establishment of the maîtres des requêtes had been used in many ways in the French administration since the Middle Ages. In the parliaments (the highest courts of justice) there were special requet chambers which decided on the requests assigned to them. Maîtres des requêtes used to be the name of the second-class councilors, who had to report to the ministerial authority on petitions and requests.