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Magic Carpet is an action game released in 1994 by Bullfrog Productions (under the direction of Peter Molyneux ) with elements of a god simulation . The 3D graphics, especially the terrain display, were extraordinary for the time. Magic Carpet was able to display the course of the game stereoscopically in real time as a red-cyan anaglyph image or according to the single image random dot stereogram method (single image random point stereogram ) and thus convey the spatial depth effect to the player .


The game is about collecting valuable mana from a magic carpet and defending it against flying monsters such as dragons and other carpet fliers.

The game is network compatible, up to eight players can compete against each other. The goal here is to destroy the enemy castle, steal mana (to gain energy yourself) and destroy the enemy.

Hidden Worlds (add-on)

Expansion Pack: Hidden Worlds was an expansion for Magic Carpet and brought 25 new levels, including levels in a snowy landscape. It was also released along with the main game as part of the Magic Carpet Plus package .


“From a technical point of view, I would probably have fallen in love with Magic Carpet if I could just fly around in it and shoot: I speed low over sand and water deserts, through oases and gorges. From an arsenal of 24 spells, I can put two on the mouse buttons - like fireballs or a thick meteor impact. And the magic carpet feels like a flying fortress on speed . [...] Playfully top, commercially flop. The carpet simulation is one of the most underrated games in history. "

- Martin Deppe : GameStar

The sequel Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds appeared in October 1995 as the official successor and offers not only an improved graphics engine but also a multitude of new spells, monsters, levels and missions such as flying carpets at night or flying through caves.

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