Magyar Agar

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Magyar Agar
Magyar Agar
FCI Standard No. 240
  • Group 10: Greyhounds
  • Section 3: Shorthaired Greyhounds
Origin :


Alternative names:

Hungarian greyhound

Withers height:

Males: 65–70 cm.
Bitches: 62–67 cm. The most
important thing is the harmony of proportions


Not fixed

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The Magyar Agár is a Hungarian breed of dog recognized by the FCI ( FCI Group 10, Section 3, Standard No. 240 ).

Origin and history

The Magyar Agár is a down-to-earth hunting dog breed that is assigned to the greyhounds . Its origins can be traced back to the time of the conquest of the country by the Magyars , an ancient equestrian people who originally lived in the steppe areas of the Urals as nomadic people. In order to increase the speed, other greyhound breeds were crossed in the 19th century. The Magyar Agar has been recognized by the FCI as an independent Hungarian breed since 1966.


Greyhound up to 70 cm tall with short, thick and coarse hair that lies flat. A considerable amount of dense undercoat can develop in winter. All colors that are found in other greyhounds. All dilutions, i.e. H. Blue and chocolate brown are not allowed, as is black and tan . The ears are quite large, thickly structured, set medium high and nestle against the neck as a well-worn rose ear. The Magyar Agar is slightly smaller than the Greyhound , but stockier, with a strong physique and strong bones, without looking heavy. It has a broad head with pronounced cheeks, a straight back line and large, powerful paws.


His nature is loyal, obedient, easy-going, tough, calm at home and active in the field. This dog is bright and intelligent. The agar adapts to the lifestyle of the owner. It is just as suitable for families as it is for people with sporty ambitions. He can act out his hunting instinct in the field.


The Magyar Agar is a fast, tireless, tough and very powerful hunting and hunting dog. With great strength and endurance, he is able to hunt not only rabbits, but also large game such as deer or stag. He is a very persistent runner and therefore suitable for longer distances. From his origins he is a horse-led hunting and hunting dog. The Magyar Agar can also be found in greyhound races these days .

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