Mahmud Nedim Pasha

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Mahmud Nedim Pasha

Mahmud Nedim Pasha ( Ottoman محمود نديم پاشا Mahmûd Nedîm Paşa , * around 1818; † 1883 ) was an Ottoman statesman.


Mahmud Nedim's father was Nacib Pasha , ex- Governor General of Baghdad . After holding various subordinate posts at the gate, he successively became Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Governor General of Syria and Smyrna , Minister of Commerce and Governor General of Tripoli , Minister of Justice and Minister of the Navy (1869), Grand Vizier from 1871 to 1872 and from 1875 to 1876. He was highly favored by Sultan Abdülaziz and fell very much under the influence of General Ignatjew , the energetic Russian ambassador before the war of 1877/78 , and his benevolence towards Russia earned him the nickname Mahmudoff . His administration was utterly unsuccessful from any point of view, and he was largely responsible for issuing the disposition which suspended the interest on Turkish funds. From 1879 to 1883 he was Minister of the Interior.

predecessor Office successor
Mehmed Emin Ali Pasha Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
September 8, 1871–31. July 1872
Midhat Pasha
Sakızlı Ahmed Esat Pasha Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
August 21, 1875–12. May 1876
Mütercim Mehmed Rüşdi Pascha