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Margret Almer (born July 13, 1962 in Hartberg ) is an Austrian yodeler and singer of popular hits .


Margret Almer received singing and music lessons as a child. She played the clarinet and saxophone and was out and about with a music formation from Oberkrain . At the age of 17 she became known as Miss Oststeiermark and then as a yodelling model. Almer trained as a dental assistant and as an accountant and eventually became a civil servant at the Austrian Post.

In her spare time, she continued to make music and also recorded records. In 1991 she was awarded the Austrian Folk Music Crown as the best young singer . With the Sonnalm-Echo and the title Holt's she was represented by the fire brigade in the Austrian preliminary decision for the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1992 . She had her greatest success in 1996 when she took part in the 1996 Grand Prix of Folk Music for Germany with the title The Most Beautiful Man in the Blue Mountains and achieved 12th place. Since then, the singer has occasionally been heard and seen on popular radio and television programs. Her big breakthrough as a singer has not yet been achieved.

Better known titles

  • 1996 - The most beautiful man in the blue mountains


  • 2001 - where are you
  • 2003 - Amore mio
  • 2006 - Yodelers with a heart


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