Mario Szegedy

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Mario Szegedy (born October 23, 1960 ) is an American computer scientist.

Szegedy received his doctorate in 1989 from the University of Chicago under László Babai ( Algebraic Methods in Lower Bounds for Computational Models ). As a post-doc he was at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the University of Chicago and the Bell Laboratories (1992), where he was then until 1999. In 1999 he was at the Institute for Advanced Study . He is Professor of Computer Science at Rutgers University , where he has been since 2000.

Szegedy deals with complexity theory, combinatorics, combinatorial geometry and quantum computer science (he founded QCteam, a quantum computing laboratory at Rutgers University). He received the Gödel Prize twice , in 2001 for his participation in the proof of the PCP theorem and in 2005 for the complexity analysis of data streams. For 2019 he was awarded the Paris Kanellakis Prize .

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