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languages German
editorial staff Salzburger Nachrichten publishing company, collective authorship
items approx. 31,000 (11/2018)
user approx. 5,000 (11/2018)
  • Reading: no
  • Writing: yes
Annual income no
On-line February 27, 2007 (currently active)

The Salzburgwiki is an open platform in the form of a wiki that collects information related to Salzburg. The wiki focuses on the Austrian state of Salzburg as well as on the surrounding area in Tyrol , Upper Bavaria , Upper Austria and the Salzkammergut , provided there is a historical or current factual reference to the state of Salzburg. Most of the content is made available to the general public under a restricted free license ( CC BY-NC ). The restriction is that their distribution excludes commercial use. Formally, the Salzburgwiki is based closely on Wikipedia and runs on a MediaWiki system.

The carrier is the Austrian daily newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten ( Salzburger Nachrichten Verlagsgesellschaft  mbH & Co. KG).

In terms of the number of articles, the Salzburgwiki is the second largest German-language Regiowiki . The number of active employees in November 2018 with around 5,000 registered users was around 50 people during the previous 30 days.

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