Martin Berger (doctor)

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Martin Berger (* around 1483 in Wittenberg ; † before October 31, 1529 ibid) was a German medic.


Berger enrolled in the foundation semester of his home university in 1502 as a student, earned a bachelor's degree in the winter half-year 1503/4 and a master's degree in the seven liberal arts on February 10, 1506 . He chose pharmacy as a subject and received his doctorate on September 13, 1518 in Wittenberg as a doctor of medicine. In the weeks that followed, but before October 18, he was inducted into the medical school senate. In the summer semester of 1526 he was dean at the head of the faculty. In this capacity he was present on July 19, 1526 at the head anatomy of Augustin Schurff .

The Wittenberg town son took part in the management of the community in his homeland since 1513. He was a member of the ruling council in 1513/14, 1515/16, 1524/25 and 1527/28 and was the city treasurer for the last two times. He was also a member and 1512/13 rifleman of the Brotherhood of St. Sebastian. Nothing has survived over time about Berger's work on the medical chair, probably also because he died prematurely. He was married and left a childless widow Katharina (buried March 19, 1538). In her will she left a scholarship of 500 guilders, the interest of which was to be given to a theology student.

Berger owned several houses. The Berger couple sold the house on Brüderstraße between Benedikt Paulis and the carpenter Nikolaus (Walckemüller?) To Wolfgang Kreys. After his death, it passed to Michael Moller and it was released on February 19, 1535. When the Magdeburg Dominicans sold their property, also located in Brüderstraße, which had served as an apartment for the preacher monks studying in Wittenberg, Berger bought it and received his relinquishment on June 27, 1527. In 1528, Berger estimated the value of this property at 87 shock 30 Size In the same year he also owned a field piece worth 7 shock gr.


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