Machine table

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Two clamping tables of an engraving machine / copy router ( pantograph )

Workpieces are clamped on the machine table of a machine tool so that they can be processed. These tables are usually very solid and equipped with T-slots or trapezoidal grooves for receiving T- nuts with fastening threads , which are used for the frictional fastening of tool or workpiece with the help of so-called clamps .

In the case of trapezoidal grooves in the machine table, a force-fit dovetail connection is created in combination with the corresponding slot nuts, screws and the object to be clamped .

The grooves in the machine table make it possible on the one hand to clamp workpieces directly on the machine table using clamping claws, but on the other hand also to mount clamping aids such as vices or special tools (e.g. lathe chucks ) or devices (e.g. dividing head) .

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