Medal for excellent performance in agricultural production cooperatives

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Front of the LPG achievement medal

The medal for excellent performance in the agricultural production cooperatives was a state award of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The medal was donated on January 22nd, 1959. It was awarded to the employees of agricultural production cooperatives for special achievements in terms of increasing productivity and the development of the cooperatives themselves.

Appearance and wearing style

The bronze medal with a diameter of 28.5 mm showed the raised embossed letter abbreviation in the center of its obverse : LPG ( Agricultural Production Cooperative ), which is surrounded by two ears of wheat that are crossed at the bottom and open at the top. Around the ears you can read the inscription: FOR EXCELLENT above and PERFORMANCE below, interrupted by five stylized flowers. The reverse of the medal, on the other hand, shows the GDR's national coat of arms. The medal was worn on the upper left side of the chest on a 24 × 11 mm wide green clasp in which a 6 mm wide black, red and gold central stripe was woven vertically.

Individual evidence

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