Mert Plunkett

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Merton Wesley Plunkett (* 1888 in Orillia ; † December 20, 1966 in Collingwood ) was a Canadian impresario and composer .

Plunkett studied music and played the piano and trombone. During the First World War he was entrusted with the management of the troop entertainment and assigned to the 35th Infantry Battalion with the honorary rank of Captain. In this capacity he founded the vaudeville troupe The Dumbells in 1917 . This concert partie was commissioned to perform in front of the Canadian troops deployed in Europe whenever the opportunity arises.

Plunkett succeeded in continuing the success of the Dumbells after the war, and he directed the troupe's international tours until they were disbanded in 1932. The core of the group was formed by Plunkett himself and his brother Al Plunkett, the pianist Jack Ayre , the composer and conductor Howard Fogg , the drag artist Ross Hamilton and the singer Red Newman . Plunkett composed for the Dumbells titles such as Come Back, Old Pal , which was published by Leo Feist , and Winter Will Come , which was recorded by the Overseas Orchestra in 1923 on His Master's Voice .

After the dissolution of the Dimbells, Plunkett tried his hand at the insurance business until he was hired to overseas entertainment for the Canadian Legion's Auxiliary Services in 1939 . His composition We're On Our Way gained some popularity here. After World War II, Plunkett ran an entertainment club until he retired with his wife in Collingwood.